About us

Neolpharma Group is composed by a number of leading companies in the pharmaceutical market, backed by over 40 years of experience in the production of controlled and non-controlled medicines in diverse forms and doses.  Our mission is to offer innovation and the highest quality products to improve the health and quality life of the population.  We distinguish ourselves by our legacy as a world class manufacturer, which has made us excellent commercial partners.


A significant and sustained investment in technology and production capacity of our plants, combined with a continuous learning and improvement mindset by our colleagues applied to all our processes and services, has resulted in our company’s growth at a higher rate than the rest of the pharmaceutical industry in recent years.


In February 2013 we started operations in Puerto Rico as Neolpharma, Inc., establishing ourselves in a plant with over 40 years of pharmaceutical manufacturing experience with the capabilities to produce tablets and capsules, including controlled products, blending and filing of non-sterile liquids, and packaging in bottles and blisters.  Our diverse services include manufacturing, packaging, warehousing, product and process development, product testing and stability studies for global companies with presence not only in the United States but other leading world markets.


We offer our customers a diverse and integrated menu of services based on their needs, with an excellent cost benefit ratio, making us the ideal strategic partner in the industry.




Our production processes, installed capacity, excellent customer service and flexibility to adapt to our customer needs guarantee total quality, satisfaction and success.  We have decades of experience in the following manufacturing processes and unit operations:


• Wet and Dry Granulation

• Fluid Bed granulation and drying (FBG & FBD)

• Powder compaction and milling

• Tray drying

• Liquid products compounding and filling

• Tablet compression and capsule filling

• Beads manufacturing

• Tablets film coating

• Beads Wurster pan coating


All our production processes follow the strictest quality controls and are certified by all major international regulatory agencies.



Regulatory Credentials:

Neolpharma, Inc., is certified by the main Regulatory Agencies in the world which enable exports to the leading markets:




Neolpharma Inc., is seeking to form strategic alliances with companies that want to manufacture drugs that meet the highest international quality standards in an FDA approved facility.

We are driven by the passion to know how it is done and we are eager to have the opportunity to offer and demonstrate to our customers our value proposition consisting of:

• Full GMP Compliance System

• Brand and generics drugs manufacturing

• Generic drugs development

• A manufacturing location within US territory

• Competitive prices

• Tax Benefits

• Foreign Trade Zone

• Regulatory expertise with agencies in the US, Europe and over 50 global markets

• Controlled substances licenses by the DEA and AMSSCA

• Customer Service that exceeds expectations


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